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Entrepreneurs Services

What does INNEON offer innovators – entrepreneurs or SMEs?
  • A range of carefully selected, publicly available self-help tools for turning an innovative idea into a successful business venture.

For qualifying innovators:

  • Bespoke coaching support for selected applicants to assist in creating a compelling value proposition for eco- and socially innovative products and services leading to introductions to potential investors.
  • Potential access to three types of investors servicing different segments of the capital market: business angels, venture capital and corporate investors.
  • Connectivity and networking with a cohort of selected fellow innovators and with investors with a specific interest in eco-innovation, allowing for an exchange of ideas, information and advice through an online matchmaking platform and/or during tailor-made events.

The Entrepreneurs application form contains an on-line application form that SMEs/entrepreneurs may fill in in order to propose their project plan. Applications will go through a screening process where our practitioners will evaluate them. If you want further information about how your application will be evaluated, please click here.

Enterpreneur Application Form

In the case that your project plan is screened and considered to be investor ready, you will be given a dedicated account in the membership area where specific coaching support (in order to make your plan ready for investment) and matchmaking will be provided.

Membership Area

INNEON main services at a glance:

In addition, INNEON offers the following complementary services to entrepreneurs:

  • Provides access to relevant and updated good-quality information about eco-innovation and market, necessary for entrepreneurs/SMEs and investors: Intellectual Property Rights, Market, Policies and Regulations.

Eco-Innovation & Market Information
  • Provide up-to-date news about INNEON and information details about related events



  • Offers a ‘self help’ toolbox for entrepreneurs/SMEs who want to design an eco-innovation business plan, covering:
    • Budgets and financial calculations
    • Business Plan Presentation Template
    • Business Plan Evaluation
    • Business Model Development
    • Life Cycle Analysis Tool
Sef-help Tools
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